Wheelie Bin Latch

Secures Wheelie Bin Lids 


Deters Animal & Public Access

  • No Drilling Required
  • Installed Easily in Minutes
  • Deters Public Accessing your Wheelie Bin
  • Keeps Birds, Possums & Dogs Out of Your Bin
  • Can Secure Bin Contents in High Winds
  • Reduces Pollution of Waterways
  • Automatically Opens Bin Lid for Collection Trucks

Are you frustrated by birds or possums accessing the rubbish in your wheelie bin? This happens in my neighbourhood regularly and it creates an awful mess on our streets.

Perhaps you have people passing by your house or workplace and put rubbish in your wheelie bin leaving no room for your own rubbish? Worse still, when you go to the effort of separating your recycling and someone walks past and puts their rubbish in with your recycling!

People putting their rubbish in other people’s bins may seem harmless but it is becoming a big problem in Melbourne particularly now many City Councils are likely to place a non-compliance sticker on your wheelie bin and won’t empty it due to contamination of recyclable materials.

We have a quick, easy and inexpensive solution for you!

Introducing the SafeWaste Wheelie Bin Lid Latch!

A latch that is attached to your bin lid limiting access to both animals and passers by. It is easily installed in minutes with automatic opening of the bin lid on bin day into the Council garbage & recycling trucks. Gravity and the shaking motion of the collection vehicle releases the rubbish into the truck.

The wheelie bin is still accessible to you during the week as required.

Problem solved!

One Latch- $19

Two Latches- $35

Why We Love the

SafeWaste Wheelie Bin Lid Latch

  • User friendly and ergonomically designed
  • Very easily installed
  • No drilling required for installation
  • Minimal cost
  • Prevents birds, possums and rodents from entering into wheelie bins causing rubbish to fall to the ground creating an unsightly mess.
  • Reduces fouling of storm water drains and pipes – a common cause of flooding and water pollution
  • Deters access from people passing by your property and placing rubbish in your recycling or garbage wheelie bin
  • Highly effective at keeping rubbish in your wheelie bin where it belongs
  • Great Health & Safety outcomes as the latch prevents bin contents such as PPE & other hazardous substances, to exit the bins
  • Keeping your rubbish secure will ensure waste doesn’t enter the water ways and downstream in the ocean
  • Increases wind stability – resulting in fewer wheelie bins blowing onto streets
  • The SafeWaste wheelie bin latch automatically opens the bin lid when emptying into rubbish & recycling collection trucks
  • The wheelie bin lid stays latched until it enters the top of collection vehicle preventing early opening causing rubbish to fly away
  • Helps collection truck drivers because they don’t have to exit the vehicles as often to pick up rubbish that may have flown out of the bins
  • Some city councils don’t allow bin locks or latches being drilled onto wheelie bins. This latch is a non-drill option
  • Latch will last the lifetime of the wheelie bin
  • Environmentally friendly. The latch is made from recyclable material
  • Highly durable. Tested for use in extreme temperature conditions      -40°C (-40°F) through to 50°C (120°F)

And Cleaner Neighbourhoods!