About Us

Bin Odour Solutions is a Melbourne based business that distributes a great little product called Bin Bombs, bin deodoriser pellets. The business founder, Christine, saw the need for such a product due to the changes in her local rubbish collection.

Inline with the Victorian Government new 4 Bin Waste & Recycling System, that is to be rolled out in all Victorian Council areas by 2030, Hobsons Bay City Council became the first Victorian Council to introduce a dedicated FOGO (garden/food waste) wheelie bin and a dedicated glass recycling bin alongside the usual rubbish & mixed recycling bins. FOGO stands for a Food Organic Green Organic bin and has been introduced in an effort to reduce Victoria’s greenhouse emissions in landfill. Collected ‘green waste’ is transformed into high grade compost instead of generating methane gas at landfill sites. 

Many local residents are happy to be recycling more effectively and reducing the impact on the environment but complaints are on the rise regarding the smell of the wheelie bin waste. Bin Bombs solves that problem in minutes! No more stinky wheelie bins!


At Bin Odour Solutions sustainability is at the forefront of all our work practices. From recyclable plastic containers that our pellets are sold in, to the clay pellets themselves which are fully biodegradable & compostable. Our preferred courier is 100% carbon offset and we use compostable satchels (that are made from corn starch) and recycled cardboard boxes. Our office electricity is also carbon offset. For further information on our business Sustainability Strategy click this link.

Australian Made

The Bin Bombs bin deodoriser pellets are Australian made from clay that is sourced in Western Australia. The plastic containers that the pellets are sold in are also made in Australia. Our preference is to use Australian made office supplies & packaging (such as our mailing boxes) whenever possible. Supporting local businesses and products helps all Australians.

Shipping & Logistics

Bin Odour Solutions is a Bin Bombs Distributor for Victoria and Tasmania. All orders are processed & dispatched within 3 days of payment (Within 1-6 days in school holidays). We only ship goods within Australia. If you live in the Hobsons Bay area of Melbourne your order is shipped free of charge until June 30, 2022. Shipping for all other areas are based on weight, size and location. Generally the rates are as follows for the various container sizes. Container 250g- $7, 1kg- $12, 4kg- $15, 10kg- $32.50 (Melbourne Metro is currently $9.07 for 10kg)!

1st September to 25nd December, 2021- Our courier service is offering cheaper shipping rates!! See quotes for your area in the shopping cart.


“I have never come across a product like Bin Bombs in the Waste Industry that actually works to expectations and requirements for effective odor control and the fact that it is environmentally safe is a bonus”.
Paul Molony
Waste Services Coordinator , Rockingham City Council
“The bin at our takeaway restaurant is in close proximity to the drive through speaker box and even though it is out of sight, it smells terrible as it is only emptied twice a week. One handful of Bin Bombs is enough after it has been emptied to control the stench. It works so well that we only clean the bin out properly once every four months. Bin Bombs is well worth the money”.
Shelley Goddard
Chicken Treat Restaurant, Karratha
My first tub of fragrance pellets arrived this week; the smell is beautiful! I sprinkled a small amount directly on to my kitty litter and even though it is cleaned regularly, it makes such a difference! I love that it is safe to touch, as well as for use around my cat.
Altona, Victoria

I don’t get 🤢, when I open the lid of my bin now!
Williamstown, Victoria
Amazing product! Highly recommend! This product really works, our bins smell so nice, clean & fresh! Who would have thought! The product was definitely put to the test as we have a 7 month old in nappies and bins are collected fortnightly. You wouldn’t even know the nappies were in the bin, incredible! 🙌🏼.
Maryborough, Victoria
I tried the bin odour pellets, the bins smell so nice, never thought I would ever say that about a bin. Will definitely be ordering more. Thank you, fantastic idea 👍
Central Victoria

Bin Odour Solutions Staff

Christine Richter

Managing Director

I live in the beautiful Hobsons Bay area of Melbourne. Our Council introduced the 4 Bin Waste & Recycling System in 2020 and as a consequence, we now have a dedicated FOGO wheelie bin for food & garden waste that is collected fortnightly. We are happy to be recycling more effectively but a lot of us now have very smelly wheelie bins so I went looking for a product to help with the odour and I found an amazing one that actually works!

These powerful bin deodoriser clay pellets can be used in so many areas where odour is a problem including wheelie bins, nappy bins, kitty litter and will neutralise strong odours for weeks at a time.

They are Australian made, 100% natural and are infused with Citronella and essentials oils. The pellets are also compostable, safe to touch and have a lovely fresh smell and start working in minutes!