FOGO Fly Fix in Five Minutes

SEP 8, 2018


How to rid your home of the tiny flies that are attracted to Kitchen Food Caddy’s and Green Organic Wheelie Bins.


If you live in a council area that has chosen to reduce greenhouse gases at landfill sites you will have a green organic FOGO wheelie bin (Food Organic, Green Organic). It is such a great initiative to help reduce climate change! You also may be seeing lots of tiny flies around the house and in your wheelie bin.

The fly you are likely to be seeing is a Vinegar Fly. This tiny fly is yellowish or red in colour with distinct red eyes and is commonly seen around rotting fruit (AKA Ferment Fly). The Australian Museum says that the Vinegar Fly is not actually a ‘fruit fly’ as it does not feed on fruit directly, just the yeasts associated with rotting fruit.

They can be a bit annoying so if you are looking to rid your home of these insects I have a quick fix for you.

Here’s the Solution-

  • Use a small plastic bottle (such as a kid’s fruit juice bottle) and take the lid off.
  • Fill the bottle with 50mls of apple juice and 150mls of apple cider vinegar. Mix.
  • Cover the top of the bottle with plastic wrap. Use a rubber band around the rim if the plastic doesn’t stick to the bottle.
  • Pierce 2 or 3 small holes into the plastic wrap with the point of a sharp knife.
  • Place the bottle in an area where you see the tiny flies. I find placing this bottle on my kitchen window sill works really well.
  • I would recommend removing or clearing any other food, or left-overs on kitchen plates, from the area that would distract the flies from your trap (or covering with a tea towel).
  • The Vinegar Fly will be attracted to the smell and will investigate. Within 24 hours you should see lots of flies in the bottle and they can’t escape.
  • You can relocate or dispose of the flies as you wish.

Removing such annoyances will help us support & continue food recycling/composting!

Jason Swartzman