Smelly Wheelie Bin or Kitty Litter?

Our Bin Deodoriser will fix that FAST!

No more Stinky Wheelie Bins

or Smelly Kitty Litter!


  • Masks strong odours for 1 – 3 weeks
  • Powerful fresh smell
  • All natural
  • Australian made
  • 1kg of pellets can keep your wheelie bin smelling fresh for 7+ months or kitty litter for 33 weeks for only $30.

Together We Can Grow Your Business

Offensive Kitty

Litter Trays

We love our furry friends. They are family but one aspect of living with cats that is a bit on the nose is their urine.

If your kitty litter tray is offensive smelling or your pet has had an accident on your carpet our environmentally friendly, deodoriser pellets will neutralise the odour and have your cat box smelling fresh in minutes.

And most importantly, it’s safe for pets!

Smelly FOGO &

Food Waste Bins

Rotting food waste is one of those smells that really challenges your senses! It is an overpowering smell that lingers and can make its way into the plastic lining of a wheelie bin so it is smelly even when it’s empty.

Our compostable, bin deodoriser pellets will have your kitchen bin & green FOGO wheelie bin smelling fresh in minutes and can last for weeks.

Stinky Wheelie Bins

& Commercial Skip Bins

Our powerful, Australian made rubbish bin deodoriser will have your smelly wheelie bin or skip bin smelling fresh within minutes.

Just a few scoops a week is all that is required to keep your bin smelling great!

Finally, no more smelly wheelie bins! What a breath of fresh air.

Top Sellers

Commercial Sites

& Busy Households

Rubbish Bin Deodoriser Pellets

4 kg Container $90

Our wheelie bin deodoriser pellets are very popular for businesses and households wanting to mask odours from their smelly rubbish wheelie bins and onsite bin skips.

Commercial businesses & community services that use this product include restaurants, cafes, councils, hotels, waste & recycling companies, cat & dog owners.

Households will find this size lasts for a very long time for use in rubbish wheelie bins, kitty litter and all household interior bins.


Rubbish Bin Deodoriser Pellets

1 kg Container $30

Our deodoriser pellets have a fresh, powerful smell which will have the stinky odours at your home fixed in minutes (yes-minutes)! The pellets will mask smells in your wheelie bins, FOGO bin (food & green waste bin), nappy bins, kitty litter / cat urine, smelly shoes, kitchen bins, food waste caddy, musty smelling clothing drawers, mice-prone areas… etc

After the initial dose, your rubbish wheelie bin will probably only need 1-2 tablespoons of the pellets per week or fortnight, to keep the bad smells away.

The 1kg size container will last for approximately 7 months for wheelie bin use.

SafeWaste Wheelie Bin Lid Latch

Keeps Wheelie Bin Items in Place

Single Latch- $19

Set of 2 Latches- $35

The SafeWaste Wheelie Bin Latch secures wheelie bin lids in windy conditions and deters animals & neighbours from accessing your wheelie bin!

The SafeWaste Wheelie Bin Lid Latch has been so popular because it ensures birds & possums can’t gain access to your bin and make a mess on the ground. Keeping your rubbish secure also ensures waste doesn’t enter the water ways and polluting downstream in the ocean.

Our Wheelie Bin Latch also deters access from people passing by your property and placing rubbish in your wheelie bin. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your recycling bin won’t be contaminated with someone else’s rubbish. 



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