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    No More Stinky Bins!


    The deodoriser will mask smells for up to a MONTH!


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    Citronella Infused


    Safe to Touch


    1kg container can last 7+ months


    Money Back Guarantee*



    * This product actually works. We are offering a full refund to people who use our Fragrance Pellets as per our instructions for 1 month if they aren’t satisfied with the results.




    What People are Saying about our Bin Odour Solutions Products...

    No More Smelly Bins!


    Danielle, Altona

    Testimonial for kitty litter


    My first tub of fragrance pellets arrived this week; the smell is beautiful! I sprinkled a small amount directly on to my kitty litter and even though it is cleaned regularly, it makes such a difference! I love that it is safe to touch, as well as for use around my cat.


    Paul Molony, Waste Services Coordinator

    City of Rockingham

    "I have never come across a product like Bin Bombs in the Waste Industry that actually works to expectations and requirements for effective odor control and the fact that it is environmentally safe is a bonus".



    Shelley Goddard

    Chicken Treat Restaurant, Karratha

    "The bin at our takeaway restaurant is in close proximity to the drive through speaker box and even though it is out of sight, it smells terrible as it is only emptied twice a week. One handful of Bin Bombs is enough after it has been emptied to control the stench. It works so well that we only clean the bin out properly once every four months. Bin Bombs is well worth the money".



    Sarah, Maryborough

    Testimonial for Smelly Nappies in bin

    Amazing product! Highly recommend! This product really works, our bins smell so nice, clean & fresh! Who would have thought! The product was definitely put to the test as we have a 7 month old in nappies and bins are collected fortnightly. You wouldn’t even know the nappies were in the bin, incredible! 🙌🏼


    Diane, Central Goldfields

    Fortnightly Bin Collection in rural Victoria

    I tried the bin odour pellets, the bins smell so nice, never thought I would ever say that about a bin. Will definitely be ordering more. Thank you, fantastic idea 👍




  • About My Business

    Bin Odour Solutions



    Managing Director

    I live in the beautiful Hobsons Bay area of Melbourne. Our Council is the first Victorian Council to introduce the 4 Bin Waste & Recycling System and as a consequence our garbage bins are now collected fortnightly. We are happy to be recycling again but a lot of us now have smelly bins so I went looking for a product to help with the smell and I found an amazing one!


    These deodorising clay pellets can be used in so many areas where odour is a problem including wheelie bins, nappy bins, kitty litter and will neutralise strong odours for up to a month.


    They are Australian made and infused with Citronella which is known for deterring pests & insects. They are 100% natural, compostable, safe to touch and smell like a sweet essential oil.

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    Please Note the Shipping Costs will be refunded for Hobsons Bay orders (until September 30, 2020)


    Money Back Guarantee*


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  • How to Use

    Our Deodorising Pellets are Proven to be Effective in the Following Ways:

    Garbage Wheelie Bins

    This method will definitely help with "Stinky Bins"

    Once your bin is emptied simply sprinkle the fragrance pellets into the bottom of your bin. If you are using the pellets for the first time we suggest you use 4 to 6 scoops of pellets depending on how bad your bins smells (1 scoop is equivalent to 1 heaped tablespoon or 35ml).


    Following this initial dose you will only need to use 1 to 2 scoops of the pellets per week to control unpleasant odours. If you are placing particularly smelly items into the bin, like raw fish, you may need to use slightly more product as required.

    Green Organic Wheelie Bins

    This method will help with the question often asked-

    "How to stop food waste bin smelling"

    Odours are best controlled by using a medium sized organza bag or stocking with 3-4 scoops of the product in it and hung on the inside of the wheelie bin with a piece of string from the back handle. After approximately a month this bag is to be emptied (contents are compostable so it can be sprinkled on your garden) and refilled with more pellets.


    Tip for FOGO wheelie bins (Food Organic Green Organic): Placing a single sheet of newspaper on the bottom (inside) of the bin helps food scraps from sticking to the bin.



    Kitchen Food Caddy

    Have you got a bin smell in the house from food waste spoiling? Try this out...

    Fill a small organza bag with 2 scoops of pellets. Tie this bag to the side arm of the kitchen food caddy (as per the photo on the right). After approximately a month this bag is to be emptied (contents are compostable so it can be sprinkled on your garden) and refilled with more pellets.


    Tip: Placing a small sheet of newspaper on the bottom (inside) of the food caddy helps food scraps from sticking to the caddy.


    Kitty Litter

    Does your kitty litter smell? Deodorise it like this...

    Sprinkle a small amount of the fragrance pellets directly on top of your existing kitty litter in the kitty litter tray (approx 15mls). Reapply each time you have a fresh tray of kitty litter.


    Nappy Bins

    How to Stop your Nappy Bin Smelling!

    Place 3-4 scoops of the fragrance pellets into the bottom of the nappy bin under the plastic bags. The fragrance will last for 3-4 weeks. Put another 3-4 scoops of pellets in the bin after this time.

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