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Smelly Bin Tips

from Bin Odour Solutions

We answer the commonly asked Question....

“How to stop a bin smelling”?

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6 Simple Solutions to help reduce

Wheelie Bin Smells!

We’ve all heard about placing bi carbonate soda or vinegar into the bin to manage offensive odours, so here are some other quick and easy ideas to help your green organic food wheelie bin (A.K.A. FOGO bin), kitchen bin and kitchen food caddy from smelling.

Green Bin & Organic Wheelie Bin

  • Air out your Bin

Once the bin is empty, leave the lid off until you need to use it next (close the bin lid if it is raining). After this initial airing and waste is in the bin again it is best to keep the lid closed.

  • Newspaper Lining

After the green organic bin has been emptied and before you put any food waste in it, lay a single sheet of newspaper in the bottom of the bin. This will prevent food waste from sticking to the bottom of the bin.

  • Layer Garden Clippings

Try to layer your garden clippings with your food waste. Garden clippings (or kitty litter) will be the first layer at the bottom of the bin then food waste next. This will help break up the fumes and stop the bin smelling.

  • Place in Shade

If you are able to place the bin away from direct sunlight this will help stop bacteria from growing as quick and producing foul bin smells. So if you have 3 or 4 wheelie bins lined up, the organic bin is the one that really needs to be in the shade.

  • Allocate Freezer Space

If you have potentially smelly meats that need to be thrown into the organics bin, allocate a place in your freezer for a used plastic container (such as a small ice cream or margarine container) and put the scraps in it until the night before bin collection.

  • Quick Bin Wash or Use a Once-Off Bin Washing Service

If your bin is particularly dirty you may want to consider giving it a quick wash out with water & dishwashing liquid or consult a bin cleaning service in your area. If you believe offensive odours have been absorbed into your bin plastic lining contact Bin Odour Solutions. They have a remedy to not only remove the odour, but replace it with a lovely smelling sweet essential oil that you will actually like the smell of and there is no need to even wash the bin out.

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