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Put the Lid on Smelly Bins

Written by Esther Lauaki,


The Star Weekly, Maribyrnong & Hobsons Bay

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Home-cooked meals and spring cleaning blitzes have been a common pastime for people staying home to slow the spread of COVID-19 – and the bins are filling up.


With filling bins comes odour, and that’s where Christine Richter, of Bin Odour Solutions, can help.

Bin Odour Solutions can keep bad smells at bay with a range of fragrance pellets for wheelie bins, nappy bins and kitty litter.


In February, Hobsons Bay Council cut regular garbage collections from weekly to fortnightly under a new four-bin recycling system allowing people to separate glass, recycling, food compost and green waste, and general household rubbish.


Christine said she, like many other residents, was concerned that the reduced frequency of bin collections would result in odour issues.


“I’ve been interested and working in the recycling industry for many years now so when the Hobsons Bay City Council introduced the new Recycling 2.0 Program I happily volunteered to help answer the community’s questions about the new program,” she said.


“By attending the council’s recycling events and speaking with community members … it became evident that, like myself, local households were supportive of a new recycling program but because of the changes to the council bin collection their waste and organic wheelie bins were smelling quite awful.


“I personally went looking for a product to help reduce the smell of my wheelie bins and kitchen food caddy and I found a great solution to the problem – fragrance pellets! “I trialled these pellets for a number of weeks at my home in summer, when the bins usually smell horrendous even when they are picked up weekly, and my bins smelt beautiful!”


The Altona North-based businesswoman is the only active Victorian distributor of the Australian-made fragrance pellets which smell like sweet essential oil, infused with citronella for deterring pests, are 100 per cent natural and safe to touch.


“Due to COVID-19 I am currently home-schooling my five-year old and running my business from home,” Christine said.


“My husband is also working from home in our converted laundry/second study so we can support each other and our child in these ISO-times.


“Working from home I am able to offer flexibility to my customers with contactless deliveries, free within the Hobsons Bay area.

"I can make deliveries after hours and on weekends as required and, having previously worked in the healthcare field as a nurse, I am very aware of cross contamination so all my products and deliveries are handled by me personally to a high hygienic standard, so there are no worries regarding Covid 19 contamination on packaging."

Bin Odour Solutions. Opens 10.15am-4.30pm Monday-Thursday.

Deliveries available after hours and on weekends.

Enquiries: 0488 008 362

Email or


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